Jasper Chert Agate Pear
Jasper Chert Agate Pear
only 1 available
Stone Dimensions:  (inch & mm )
1.71" x 1.08" x 0.28"
43.43 x 27.43 x 7.11 mm

Gem Grams:             10.98 gm
Gem Carats:             54.90 ct

Agate Mountain is a vast mountainous area located due east of Payson and south of Hwy 260. This area is known for a variety of agates, both smooth banded and fortified.

This specimen appears to be a combination of brecciated and fortified agate material.

The stone is polished to a high vitreous polish both front and back. The back is flat for setting.

Photographed under full spectrum LEDs.

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