Rodeo Flats Crazy Lace Onyx Fancy
Rodeo Flats Crazy Lace Onyx Fancy
only 1 available
Stone Dimensions:  (inch & mm )
1.84" x 0.51" x 0.17"
46.74 x 12.95 x 4.32 mm

Gem Grams:             3.69 gm
Gem Carats:             18.45 ct

Crazy Lace is one of the best-known varieties of banded chalcedony. The Crazy Lace pattern also is prevalent in the onyx Jasper harvested from the central Arizona Valley near Camp Verde.

This specimen shows a variety of the crazy lace patterns on its face; fortified, pink, browns, peach, and cream bands with red umber colored trim.

The stone is polished to a high vitreous luster both front and back. The back is flat ready for mounting.

Photographed under full spectrum LEDs

Display Stand Sold Separately.