Slim Traingular Mookaite Jasper Sail
Slim Traingular Mookaite Jasper Sail
only 1 available
Stone Dimensions:  (inch & mm )
1.52" x 0.60" x 0.27"
38.61 x 15.24 x 6.86 mm

Gem Grams:             4.87 gm
Gem Carats:             24.35 ct

Mookaite, a special jasper only found in the Mooka River of Australia. The typical primary colors for Mookaite are Deep Red, Yellow Ocher and Cream.

This unique piece has an unusual abstract pattern of yellow ocher stripes down the cabochon.

The stone is polished to a high vitreous luster both front and back. The back is flat ready for mounting.

Photographed under full spectrum LEDs.

Display Stand Sold Separately.