Perkinsville Paleozoic Chert Pear
Perkinsville Paleozoic Chert Pear
Stone Dimensions:  (inch & mm )
1.79" x 1.00" x 0.27"
45.47 x 25.40 x 6.86 mm

Gem Grams:             10.50 gm
Gem Carats:             52.50 ct

Perkinsville, Arizona is a ghost town located Northeast of Jerome, AZ. The location for a period-of-time was also used as a movie set. Today you can ride a scenic train to the location but cannot dis-board and walk around.

The famous Perkinsville Agate is a nicely colored Paleozoic Chert found in the Pennsylvanian Limestone close to this ghost town. This rare piece has an amethyst crystal surrounded by microcrystalline druse containing vugs.

The stone is polished to a high luster on the smooth surfaces both front and back. The back is flat ready for mounting.

Photographed under full spectrum LEDs.

Display Stand Sold Separately.