Rain-forest Jasper Triangular Sail
Rain-forest Jasper Triangular Sail
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Stone Dimensions:  (inch & mm )
1.21" x 0.57" x 0.20"
30.73 x 14.48 x 5.08 mm

Gem Grams:             2.59 gm
Gem Carats:             12.95 ct

Rain-forest jasper or Rain-forest Rhyolite is a volcanic rock composed primarily of quartz and other minerals to give it its color. The name Rain-forest jasper was derived from the impressionistic patterns resembling the foliage within a rainforest. Rain-forest Rhyolite has been very hard to find commercially. It was mined exclusively in Queensland, Australia. There is some suspicion that the deposit has been mined out.

This specimen has a variety of green & muted Lime shades and an adjacent smaller light tangerine colored orb.

The stone is polished to a high luster both front and back. The back is flat ready for mounting.

Photographed under full spectrum LEDs.

Display Stand Sold Separately.